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TENS Machine

“With the push of a button, the device delivers mild electrical impulses that stimulate the peripheral nervous system and help release your body’s natural endorphins to reduce the perception of pain. These natural substances block pain messages from reaching the brain, in a similar fashion to conventional drug therapy, but without the side effects.” 

Over the years many women have been using the TENS (Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) machine on their lower back during labour for pain management. It is an effective way to help take the edge off contractions without any side effects to you or your baby.

$40/3 week period

Birth Stool

It has been proven that it is beneficial to be in an upright position in labour and delivery. Squatting is a great position that uses gravity to help bring the baby down and helps open up the pelvis. As we all know squatting can be a very tiring position. The birth stool helps you stay in that position without the strain on your muscles and you can also deliver the baby on it as well 

$30/3 week period

Baby Sling Scale

Newborn weight loss and weight gain is an important issue and many moms would love the convenience of being able to weigh their newborn at home in between midwife or physician baby checks. I offer the sling scale to families so that they can weigh their newborn in the convenience of their own home during the first few weeks when breastfeeding and weight gain are so important. 

$20/3 week period

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