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This session is broken down into 2 parts:

The first section will guide you through a natural delivery with no disturbances or interventions in order to help you understand the signs, stages, and physiology of labour and delivery.

We will then go through the 4 P’s of labour: Power (contractions), Passage (pelvis & vagina), Passenger (baby & placenta), Psyche (mind & confidence).

“All of these must work together in synchronicity to achieve a successful, vaginal birth. Think of them as gears in a machine. If one of the gears is misaligned, then the whole machine malfunctions.”

While discussing the 4 P’s I will explain the most common interventions in L&D including; breaking your water, oxytocin, baby positions, vaginal tears, pain management options (includingepidural), assisted deliveries (forceps &vacuum), and caesarean deliveries, and much more!

Our goal is to reduce anxiety by gaining knowledge and confidence in your body which will prepare you for an empowering experience.

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Feb 10 9:30 am, May 11 9:30am, Aug 3 9:30am